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I should really get back here. I can't promise anything, but I'm going to try.

Tea Partier's wet dream

"Why should MY taxes help anyone else?"

Seriously, I can't wrap my brain around this. I hope I never will be able to.

Firefighters Watch as Home Burns to the Ground

This little snark has been making the rounds with this story (I certainly didn't think of it first), but I think it's totally appropriate: "Hey, nice little farm ya got here. Sure would be a shame if something were to, ya know, happen to it..."

A lovely fall morning

The aspens outside my office window are full of bushtits. How wonderful!


default anagrams

I'm still here. ^_^
I spent all afternoon yesterday waiting for the guy from Standard TV & Appliance to come fix the microwave (we had an extended warranty, thankfully, because it was 3 months out of the manufacturer's warranty), but he got way behind on his earlier jobs and never came. He called a bit after 4:00 (his window was 2:00-4:00) to say he'd be at least an hour. He called again just before 6:00. He said he would "be happy" to come out then if I wanted him to; I said it was fine with me, but that we could reschedule if he wanted to go home. No, no, no, he could come out, but it might take over an hour (which turned into two, later in the conversation). He really was trying to be accommodating, but I could tell he really just wanted to go have dinner, so I cut the poor guy some slack. He'll be out here today, between 2:00 and 4:00. We hope. ;-)

Weirdly, though, this pissed me off more than I was expecting (I don't think I was expecting it to piss me off at all, frankly), so I had to play solitaire for a while before I got over feeling bitchy. Odd.

Work is going well -- in fact, I'm going to run out soon if I don't get some more projects. Luckily, Leslie has an idea she wants to "play with" for one of the new titles, which will allow me to experiment with filters and whatnot. Actual creativity! I'm looking forward to that. ^_^

Um, Coffee wit da Goils® today, so I'd better go get showered. Ciao, bella!

Phun Photo meme

Ganked from someone on facebook -- I'd include the link, but you'd have to be on facebook to look at it, so t'hell with it. ^_^;

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I really should post something.

There, I did it.

Well, just fuck me

I've had about e-fucking-nough of this fucking week, thanks. Thanks, Massachusetts. Thanks Supreme Court. Thanks fucked brain chemistry. I love you all, too.

You see? Now, if I were god, none of this ever would have happened.

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Seriously, Massachussetts...do you want to see the entire government come to an entire fucking screeching halt? Jesus God! I don't have a bitch slap big enough for the lot of you, but if I did, I'd hit you so hard your children would have welts.

Follow-up to "the irony of it all"

Thanks to leorising1959, darkpoole, and winterbadger for replying to my previous entry. Sorry I haven't had time to answer you individually, but I grokked the comments (wow, how cool is it that my computer's dictionary includes "grok"? It's not underlined as misspelt!).

Obviously, the question "who wants a god like that" was mostly rhetorical. We make god in our own image and the petty and vindictive make petty and vindictive gods. Historically, as darkpoole hinted at, it's also the god of a wandering tribe trying to survive an oft-times dangerous world.

All rhetoric aside my question actually is, "why do otherwise logical, loving, compassionate people still buy into the traditional interpretations of god?" I'm not really expecting an answer to that one, either. I know, from experience, dammit, what it means to be a convert and all about existential angst and the need for authority and answers.

But it still pisses me off, okay?

Peace, then, for now.

The irony of it all

One of my friends on Facebook is a devout Christian. Well, actually, several are, I suspect, but he’s enthusiastic. Some of his posts cause me to wince, but he’s a sweet guy and doesn’t use his religion to judge or blame.

Today he posted a link to a blog that was a Christian’s answer to Pat Robertson’s recent theological diarrhea. It was a fairly thoughtful, though perhaps not a best-written, response, and I agreed with much of it, though from an agnostic’s point of view. Personally, I thought he was too easy on Patty, but I’m a godless heathen, so I shouldn’t judge.

One thing really stood out for me, though. Well, two, if you count when he says, “I understand that many of you will want to comment on the theological truths you’ve found that support Robertson’s comments, and also on the good that Robertson has done. Regarding the latter, this was not a blanket dismissal on Robertson’s life or ministry, it was a response to a comment, regarding the former, it’s a debate I ask you to take somewhere else,” as I cannot think of any real good Mssr. Robertson’s done. But I digress. The passage in question is this: “Theologically, what we all deserve is death, and Christ paid that for us. We live in the New Testament, not the old. Lets [sic] spread God’s unconditional love.”

Original Sin has always bugged me, and in this context the irony is especially exquisite. Pat blames Haiti’s troubles on an alleged, even mythical, pact some of its people made with the devil in the far past, and sane people everywhere rip him a new one. But how different is this thinking, really, from Original Sin? Our remote, remote, remote…did I mention REMOTE?…ancestors broke the only rule they were given by God (which is pretty pathetic, I admit), and now everyone in the fucking world has to pay for it? For eternity?

Yes, well, someone says, Christ paid that debt of blood and saved everyone. That’s lovely, but it leaves us with (at least) some burning questions: Why did God wait three thousand years (Biblical time, more or less) to fix Adam and Eve’s fatal mistake? Given this, what happened to all the people who lived before Christ’s time?

Perhaps more importantly, though – what kind of God sets up the Universe this way? I mean, how sadistic can you be? This is GOD we’re talking about. He has to know that humans are week and petty and easily frightened – he created them! Yet he still expects them to obey all his rules, and when they don’t his answer is everlasting damnation? If a human parent reacted like this, Child Protective Services would come down on their ass so hard they’d never walk normally again. This is God’s unconditional love?

Again we see the disconnect between traditional theology and actual human empathy. Most people realize that what Robertson said was awful and cruel – they know that there is no true love or compassion in this kind of remark – yet they easily, nay, cheerfully, create for themselves a God who is even less loving and compassionate. (Can you even conceive of “eternal damnation”? I can’t, but the very idea scares the shit out of me.)

I ask you: who wants a God like that?

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From the awesome winterbadger:

Merry Christmas, all. Be blessed, every one.

*hugs everyone*

Thanks to everyone who cheered me on this NaNoWriMo season! I really appreciate it!

As of now, I'm at 55,639 words. I've definitely slowed down, but I'm hoping to actually finish the first draft of the entire story by the end of January. I'm guessing I'm halfway, now?


As of 26 November, 2009, 10:55 am...

...50,595 words. I am shocked.

nanowrimo update 11-24-09

Got serious writer's block on Monday night -- I only got slightly over 1000 words done, and then I got stuck. I really, really, really wanted to introduce a new location, one that I'd created months ago, so I did. And then didn't have anywhere to go. The scene was cute, but it didn't do anything to advance the plot or characterization, and I was afraid I was going to have to rip it bodily from the story and give up the word count as lost.

I thought about it that evening and the next morning and nothing came to me. So I grabbed my (paper) notebook and walked down to Insomnia. I found writing there difficult because of the noise and distractions, but I thought I would at least be able to get out ideas on paper, since I didn't have to worry about style or flow or complete sentences.

About three blocks from Insomnia (remember, this is a 1.5 mile walk), it came to me in a real "Duh!" moment. It's like the characters went to this pub and then were just waiting for me to get back on the computer so I could continue their discussion. Well, I was already almost to Insomnia, so I figured I had to have a coffee, sigh, so I might as well get it over with. >;-)

And as I sat there, another idea came to me that solved a problem I'd had for weeks: how to work in the oddmen (formerly "greymen"). Woot! So I sat there with my triple-shot decaf Americano and wrote out 2.75 pages longhand, then came home, transcribed that, and ended up writing 2216 words total for the day. On track again!

nanowrimo update 11-21/22-09

44,196 words total. Zowie.

nanowrimo update 11-19-09

Work all day. Didn't get to write until later evening, but managed 1862 words. As of yesterday, I was 63% through the month but 72% through the word goal. So, still good!

More work today, I don't know how long, but I'm not sanguine about finishing up in good time because for one of the projects Leslie wants me to "help" her sketch, which means she hasn't decided on a final design. Yee-haw! I have coffee with Da Goilstm, though, so I'll have to work around that. Sigh. ^_^

nanowrimo update 11-17-09

Only 1005 words yesterday. I went to Insomnia in the morning with my knitting and Kindle, since I figured I'd have all afternoon to write. Ah, mais non, mes amis! I got a little writing done after I got home, but then Leslie called and I had work for the rest of the afternoon. Will have work today, too, plus a dentist appt. in the afternoon, which, because our dentist is in NEWBERG (long story), means three hours shot. And Knit Night tonight. Don't know if I'll get much done at all, writing wise. Good thing I'm ahead, eh?

Ah, I see Peter's done with brekkies, so it's off to work.
Friday: 3185 words
Saturday: 2139 words
Sunday: 2005 words

Current total: 30,039 words

I'm halfway through the month, but more than halfway to the 50,000-word goal! Wow! Of course, I may be 3/5 of the way through the word requirement, but I'd be surprised if I was much more than 1/4 of the way through the story... @_@

I got a little burned out yesterday. I have a job this morning, so we'll see how much (if anything) I get written today. But that's why I've been working so hard on days when I'm on a roll -- to give myself some wiggle room for days when I have work or when my brain has gone out and left no contact number. Oh, and Thanksgiving...

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